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Occupational Therapy Schools

Occupational therapy schools have a main role in offering education for those wishing to pursue an occupational therapist career.

School Enrollment Requisites

It is required a degree for students that want to enroll in an occupational, usually a health science one, as well as other courses such as psychology, advanced sciences, and physics prior to the enrolment. A bachelor’s degree usually takes four years to finish before you can sign in occupational therapy schools. It is recommended that while you take the bachelor, you enroll in pre-OT programs containing courses that will be required by the OT school. This provide extra education and the chances to be accepted more quickly in occupational therapy schools are higher.

Program Plan

Programs vary from school to school but basically the curriculum usually includes classroom and online learning as well as campus training. Academic work concentrates on occupational evaluation and assessments, disability issues, specialty practice and teaching, professional leadership, and evidence based practice. Like the programs, courses vary from school to school.


Job Description

With the education provided by occupational therapy schools, the health professionals are able to contribute to the society’s well being.

Depending on the type of facilities the occupational therapists choose to work in, their duties may vary. Some choose to work with the elderly, with children or special people while others prefer to provide services to those that by a reason cannot perform their functions on a normal environment. Some others choose to work with people who have social, physical, mental, and emotional or development problems.

No matter with what kind of people occupational therapists work with, the main objective is always the same – provide assistance that leads the patients to a more self sufficient lifestyle.

The way the assistance is provided might vary according to the patient’s individual needs. The occupational therapist might need to work with patients on their daily tasks, personal needs, decision making, how to manage the equipment they need on a daily basis like a lift or a wheelchair.

The OT helps the patient to progress on several tasks, evaluates their progress, and makes improvements on the occupational therapy plan if necessary. This type of work might take weeks, months, or years depending on the patient’s needs and progresses.

Occupational therapy schools are an important key point in the education of occupational therapists. Schools are the institutions that will transmit these health care professionals all the knowledge and expertise they need to perform a professional work.

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